How to make
Sanuki udon noodles

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  • How to make Sanuki udon noodles
  • Mix, stir and knead

    Mix saltwater and flour, stir until loses its powdery quality and becomes smooth, then knead into a ball of dough.

  • Step on

    Put the dough in a plastic bag and step on it, lifting feet up and down as if walking and placing your full weight on it, for five to seven minutes.

  • Mature

    Mature the dough (allow it to ferment).

  • Stretch

    Roll out the dough, shape the circle into a rectangle, and stretch the edges and corners until it becomes an equal-sided square.

  • Cut

    Fold the stretched dough over, and cut it into pieces three to four millimeters wide.

  • Boil

    Boil in a pot full of water at a rolling boil until the noodles lose their hard core, then rinse and cool in cold water..